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久し振りにFacebook で意気込んだのでこっちにも記録。

【The dream comes true】
“I feel like I wanna work in the world”
It seems that I got started to think about this feeling 18 years ago. It should be when I was junior high school student.

At that time I actually just felt this kind of word, I mean “world”, sounds just cool, and I had set up the goal of being this international person throughout my life. ...sometime.

Times goes by, having traveled in Asia obviously inspired myself to try to become the international business person when I was University student.

After I got started working in the international business department, I was super luckily picked up as the trainee of the USA English language program handled by my company, and I could have great experiences to practice English a lot in the United States for a year.

Now I’m staying here home to be ready for jumping into “India “ to work for several years. Coming September 2, which is my airplane date bound for Mumbai India (I’ll temporarily drop off Singapore), must be my unforgettable memory of my life.
(By the way, the picture of Facebook is the one I was taken to in India 10 years ago...)

Although I was crazy surprised to get this letters from Human Resources at the first time, I am now facing this reality, and realizing it as the “Great fortune”. It’s because there should be nothing but something leads my own growth, and something happy in front of my road.

I could not come up with the right coolest word to express how much I appreciated to you all who encourages me, like my family, my USA Cincinnati family, my friends, my colleagues, and my lovely Chinese girlfriend who being with me aaall the time.

I’m sure that I’ll have fun there. Let’s get it!!!

(Picture from Ganges River “a sacred” Varanasi India 10 years ago)







(写真: 10年前のガンジス川、インドの”聖地”バラナシ)


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