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271回目:Emergency return 紧急通知

Chinese version

印度总统Mr.Modi 昨天宣布在未来的21天里,印度进入紧急关闭状态。而我的公司决定让我们在外人员全部撤离印度,返回日本,直到新冠肺炎结束。









English version

Prime minister Mr.Modi declared that all Indian will lockdown for 21 days last night. 

Now I’m trying to go back to japan temporarily to be there till the corona virus is over, following company’s decision.

I have already booked the airplane bound for japan but still unclear if the flight will take off.

And this time ....

I come up with some idea which I’ll face in the future though...

  1. I will go back to japan and be isolated for two weeks by myself
  2. I will wait for when the corona virus situation will be better
  3. I will go back to Mumbai sometime 
  4. But I will have to be isolated quarantine for some days ??? When I reached in india.

No. 4 is very scary...I need to avoid the quarantine isolation in the airport when I reach in india.

Which means that I think I’ll be back to Mumbai on May...? June...??

What a hell!!! Corona virus !!!

and !!!!!

I was originally going to meet “her” in Japan in this April to do something very important together for us!!!!!


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