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137回目:東京大学 Meta-Knowlege

The last year 2019, This is the speech that I was very impressed with. I'll leave it here.

By the way….

My girlfriend and I have different nationalities. She is Chinese and I am Japanese. We met in America. I am right now working in India. For me, the word "diversity" has become a crucial keyword in my life.

Let's see other countries. Indians accept that there are originally differences in the country because they know that there are a lot of different cultures in there even though it is a single country. You can see it in Hong Kong. Many kinds of nationalities were mixed. Needless to say, in Europe, people from many countries come and go without a visa in the EU. The United States is united by different races.

I am doubting that Japan might be the only one who is isolated because they are not willing to accept other cultures and nationalities while the other countries interacted, for example, I heard that only 5% of Japanese people can communicate with others in English without any stress.

When I was thinking like that, I saw this speech from the University of Tokyo. This is the speech of celebration by Professor, Miss Ueno, at the entrance ceremony of the University of Tokyo last year 2019.


As a result of your hard work, you came here to Tokyo university. You have to thank the environment where your effort pays off. You have to thank the environment so far in which you had walked. There are many countries and places in which their effort does not pay off because of discrimination and society. There is no doubt that the University of Tokyo brand positively influences your career in your future. However, from now on, Tokyo university wants you to gain the wisdom that you will be able to live anywhere without the Tokyo University brand and to walk on your own way in a new world that is not built yet. “Knowledge that creates new knowledge” It is called "meta-Knowlege". The new value is going to be created when the two values ​​rub in between two different values. In other words, a new value is always born in “diversity”. I want you to learn and gain the "wisdom that creates new wisdom", I mean “wisdom that is not tied by the past” under here the diversity. Welcome to the University of Tokyo. Congrats.

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